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Synopsis: Based on a true story, Tears and Trombones, is a heart-wrenching tale of child abuse, a poignant coming-of-age story, the passionate love story of a young man torn between two women, and it is a book filled with music, from Mozart to Johnny Cash. Follow young Joey as his single-minded passion leads him to a major symphony orchestra while, along the way, he nearly destroys the lives of two women who love him.

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Reader Reviews

Enthralling novel from start to finish. (PeaceChick, Amazon) I loved this book! “Tears and Trombones” captivated me on page one. Even the title grabbed my attention, and I just couldn’t put it down. My definition of a great book is when I stay up until midnight or one am reading because I am so absorbed in it that I lose all track of time. This was the case with this book. It’s based on a true story, and it rings true from page one. I heard the author speak, and she said it was based upon stories that her husband told her. She did a great job of incorporating those stories into a work of fiction based on fact. There is so much meat to this novel that it is hard to classify. Is it about family dysfunction? Yes. Is it about a young man’s dream of becoming a musician? Yes. Is it a romance? Yes and no – sort of. All these things and more. I loved it because I love music, which is an added dimension to the book. I loved that the section breaks were delineated with music notes. Perfect… I learned a lot about what it’s like to play the trombone, and just how grueling the life of professional musicians is and what a toll it takes on their personal lives – the sacrifices they make for their music. Wow! What a wonderful book. A must read for music lovers and lovers of great fiction. Loved the era portrayed, and the setting.

Emotional, Strong and Powerful. (Ivan Hecimovic, Amazon) Tears and Trombones is emotional story about strong-willed boy who wanted to pursue his dreams, regardless of the fact that this seemed far from possible.
Pursuing one’s dream is often very difficult task. There are many reasons why this is the case: either a person has some personal struggles and issues that she needs to deal with, but she does not want to do that or does not know how to do that, or there is something else. Tears and Trombones is a story about strong will and resilience. It is a story about unbreakable wish for success in something that means everything for a person. Many people break. For some reason many of us do not pursue our dreams. We freeze in time. We give up too soon. Joey is not like that. I like him. I like how the author presented the character of Joey as a young boy, full of life, hope and that inner strength that we all want to see, both in ourselves and in others. Music is medicine and Joey knows that. He knows and he feels that music will help him and cure him. Thus, he wants to climb to the top. He wants to beat the odds that are against him.
For me, this book is a masterpiece. I truly enjoyed reading it. I just want to say- well done Mrs. Lee-Woody.