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Supermoon – Juror’s Award, State Fair, 2017 and Curator’s Award, KVIE on-air art auction, 2018  
Pacific Orange – The sun dips into the pacific, leaving an orange sky reflected in the water at Pismo Beach, CA
CA Icon – The wild California poppy bursts forth its beauty in the spring.
Spots –  I removed the screen from my office window so I could capture the beauty of this fawn in the Spring without frightening him/her.
Afternoon Sun – During one of California’s many devastating wildfires, the sky over Sacramento was darkened and the sky turned red.
Red Tears – Beauty is everywhere in nature. All you have to do is look.
Birds Over the Pacific – Birds highlighted during a breathtaking sunset at Pismo Beach, CA.
Three Stages -These black-necked stilts are among the most beautiful of birds. Here, they are in various stages of resting. This photo was taken in SE Texas.
Mr. Beautiful -This gorgeous wild turkey came daily to my back yard in Rocklin, CA, where I feed the birds. He was not afraid of me, nor I of him. He let me get quite close, would have eaten from my hand if I had been prepared.
Fish Hook – When I first saw this alligator in SE Texas, I was surprised that his mouth was wide open. I thought of Little Red Riding Hood, “My, grandma, what big teeth you have!”, but was soon saddened to see that a fish hook was embedded in his tongue, one of many negative effects on animals who share the planet with humans.
Brown Pelican
This photo was taken at Bay Lands in Palo Alto, CA.
In the Wind – A reddish egret off of South Padre Island in SE Texas.

Supermoon over the Sierras
 – This photo was taken 100 miles west of the Sierras and captures the moon as it ascend into the night sky over the mountains.