Nanci Lee Woody taught management and accounting classes, wrote textbooks, and served as Dean of Business at American River College.

Nanci’s poetry and short stories have been published in anthologies and online. She writes stories for kids and wrote the book and lyrics for a musical, Hello to Life!, produced in Sacramento.

In her spare time, Nanci creates art in pastels, oils, pen, ink and colored pencils. She sometimes depicts what she sees but, more often than not, she draws what’s in her mind, images that can’t be found in the natural world. Nanci’s art has appeared in numerous juried shows in the Sacramento area and in the KVIE annual auctions.

Nanci is a photographer, especially loves to capture unusual pictures of birds and other critters. Her photo, Supermoon, won in 2017 the Juror’s Award at the California State Fair in the Fine Arts – color photography category. She travels often, loves museums and music of all kinds, but especially opera and symphonic music.

Her recent novel, Tears and Trombones, won the IPPY (Independent Publishers) medal in 2015 for
Best Fiction in the Western Pacific Region and won a Silver Medal from Readers’ Favorites in 2017 in the Young Adult, Literary Fiction category.

It was published by The Sand Hill Review Press and is available on Amazon.com and in bookstores.

Tears and Trombones has received outstanding editorial reviews.

Review from Literary Fiction Book Reviews:
A Coming of age and beyond, this novel depicts the turbulent beginnings of a young boy who needed to muster an impressive amount of courage to pursue a dream, and then again, as an adult, to pursue a relationship with the one he felt truly compatible despite obstacles that stood in their way. Imbued with fascinating insights into musical theory and the rigorous training and practice sessions required in the formation of a classical career, Tears and Trombones is a poignant examination of an unusual life.

Review from Book Viral:
A beautifully written, insightful and highly satisfying debut, Nanci Woody is an author who certainly deserves your attention and Tears and Trombones is recommended without reservation!

Review from Foreword Reviews
This highly readable, triumphant tale deserves a place on any music lover’s and book lover’s shelf.

Review from The Review – From the UK
Other than her well-developed characters and a moving coming-of-age story, Ms Woody delivers a prose that blends beautifully with the musical theme in the book. It weaves a light spell around the reader, now and then torn apart by crisp dialogue, at others by the heart wrenching events depicted. As a reader, I find parts of this book close to unbearable. As a reader, I am too entranced to stop reading.