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Tears and Trombones

Review from Literary Fiction Book Reviews:
A Coming of age and beyond, this novel depicts the turbulent beginnings of a young boy who needed to muster an impressive amount of courage to pursue a dream, and then again, as an adult, to pursue a relationship with the one he felt truly compatible despite obstacles that stood in their way. Imbued with fascinating insights into musical theory and the rigorous training and practice sessions required in the formation of a classical career, Tears and Trombones is a poignant examination of an unusual life.

Review from Book Viral:
A beautifully written, insightful and highly satisfying debut, Nanci Woody is an author who certainly deserves your attention and Tears and Trombones is recommended without reservation!

Review from Foreword Reviews
This highly readable, triumphant tale deserves a place on any music lover’s and book lover’s shelf.


Review from the UK: THE REVIEW

Other than her well-developed characters and a moving coming-of-age story, Ms Woody delivers a prose that blends beautifully with the musical theme in the book. It weaves a light spell around the reader, now and then torn apart by crisp dialogue, at others by the heart wrenching events depicted. As a reader, I find parts of this book close to unbearable. As a reader, I am too entranced to stop reading.

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite
It isn’t surprising that Tears and Trombones is the winner of the Independent Publishers medal for “Best Fiction in the Western Pacific Region” because of the great storytelling craft and the exceptional prose readers will find as they begin to read the story. Nanci Lee Woody’s story will be of great delight to music fans and readers who enjoy well-developed characters, swiftly paced stories, and balanced writing.

Meet young Joey, a boy with a dream of becoming a musician, ridiculed by a heartless father and humiliated on every occasion by a father intent on distracting him from his goal to make his dream come true. But nothing would stop the young man who eventually finds the support he needs from well-meaning and generous souls, developing his career to the point where he finds himself performing with icons such as Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and others. As he scores many successes in the music industry, he has to sacrifice a love ignited in his heart since his high school days. Can one man have it all?

Tears and Trombones is an exciting tale that is inspiring, an impassioned story written most wonderfully. I enjoyed the emotional depth of the story, the strong conflict explored at multiple levels, and the powerful lessons that come across to the reader. One of the lessons of this story is that our dreams have the power to transform our lives. Nanci Lee Woody’s writing had me captivated from the very first page, and I found myself turning from one exciting page to the next mesmerizing one. Here is one of those books you read and want to watch on the big screen.


Review by Ayesha from Online Book Club
I would rate this story 4 out of 4 stars for its beautiful character development, and the way it deals with important issues such as sexism, abuse and the patriarchal nature of society. Through tears, trombones, songs and symphonies, Woody conveyed a brilliant plot with multi-dimensional, complex characters that will surely leave an impact on the reader. 
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