Any of these photos, and many others, can be purchased in various sizes and framed on either canvas or metal.  Direct inquiries to [email protected].

Supermoon – Juror’s Award, State Fair, 2017 and Curator’s Award, KVIE on-air art auction, 2018  
Pacific Orange – The sun dips into the pacific, leaving an orange sky reflected in the water at Pismo Beach, CA
CA Icon – The wild California poppy bursts forth its beauty in the spring.
Spots –  I removed the screen from my office window so I could capture the beauty of this fawn in the Spring without frightening him/her.
Afternoon Sun – During one of California’s many devastating wildfires, the sky over Sacramento was darkened and the sky turned red.
Red Tears – Beauty is everywhere in nature. All you have to do is look.
Birds Over the Pacific – Birds highlighted during a breathtaking sunset at Pismo Beach, CA.
Pismo Purple- A magnificent orange sky turned purple over the Pacific at Pismo Beach.
Mr. Beautiful -This gorgeous wild turkey came daily to my back yard in Rocklin, CA, where I feed the birds. He was not afraid of me, nor I of him. He let me get quite close, would have eaten from my hand if I had been prepared.
Blue Heron in a Redwood
Don’t Mess with Me

Supermoon over the Sierras
 – This photo was taken 100 miles west of the Sierras and captures the moon as it ascends into the night sky over the mountains.